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Staralt is a program that shows the observability of objects in various ways: either you can plot altitude against time for a particular night (Staralt), or plot the path of your objects across the sky for a particular night (Startrack), or plot how altitude changes over a year (Starobs), or get a table with the best observing date for each object (Starmult). For further information, click on the "help" button at the bottom of the page.



or specify own site: E.Long. Lat. [Alt.]

Coordinates Available formats: [name] hh mm ss ±dd mm ss ; [name] hh:mm:ss ±dd:mm:ss ; [name] ddd.ddd dd.ddd

and/or specify a file containing the coordinates
 Included on plot (Staralt only)
 Min. Elevation (Starobs,Starmult only)
 Output Format
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2008 Sierra Nevada Observatory
Developed by Peter Sorensen and Marco Azzaro